Storage Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you plan on storing long term or only a short period of time, do not make these common mistakes when storing your goods. We have many years of experience and have seen it all. Save money and time by avoiding these at all costs. Trust us.

Not Buying Insurance

As we do require insurance at most of our properties, please strongly consider buying it, its something that can save you a mountain of headaches and money. If you do not purchase storage insurance, you are liable to ANYTHING that happens to your goods outside our control. Things happen, so be prepared.

Newspaper as Wrapping

Please do not use newspaper to wrap items. It may seem like a cheap alternative and readily available for free, but there is a reason for that – it stains many items. These stains will not come out of some things, and you are going to be quite upset at yourself when it comes time to unwrap. Spend a few bucks and go for some ink-less wrapping paper

Perishable Food

Self storage units are not a pantry. Do not store perishable food in your units, it will spoil and attracts rodents and bugs. This will ruin your storage unit and your neighbors.

Not Allocating Time

Moving and storing items takes a lot more time than people think. Do not rush this job, the more you rush, the more mistakes you make, the more disorganized the unit becomes and the larger headache you have. Take the day off if you can, or choose a weekend and get there early in the morning, we are open at 6AM! For more storage tips on getting the most out of your unit space check out our other blog here.

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