The Rise of Virtual Tours in Manufactured Housing Communities

Virtual Tours Are Here To Stay!

As we move farther into the 21st century, the technology of VR(virtual reality) and AR(augmented reality) is skyrocketing. This isn’t just for video games or cool video content anymore as it is already being used in 21 different major business industries right now. A main industry being the real estate market, specifically manufactured housing.

With the whole world dealing with Covid-19 last year, we watched the real estate market plummet, but surprisingly the manufactured housing community market for the most part stayed consistent and in some cases did better. With quarantine, social distancing, and non contact everywhere, a lot of property managers turned to virtual tours in their communities as a means of showing homes. This is no new tech and has been used in many professional industries for virtual tours a while now, but the pandemic gave virtual tours a re-imagined jumpstart to many other possibilities and use.

Augmented Reality Takes The Stage

With virtual tours taking care of the showing aspect of a home we also see an influx of AR as well for staging these virtual tours. Any good real-estate agent knows you are not selling just the physical home but the life that comes with the home. The person who buys the home has to imagine living and want to stay in that space everyday. It is a lot easier to provide this picture in their mind with a staged home, giving it that homely feel to it instead of an empty shell. In the past you would have to:

  1. Hire a staging company
  2. Search through catalogs of what furniture style/design you wanted
  3. Order your items and wait for them to be shipped
  4. Have a crew deliver and most of the times assemble pieces of furniture
  5. Be staged and have a professional photographer come in for images

Then after the home was sold you would need all the pieces removed for the new tenet to move in.

All that seems like such a headache when you can now virtually stage any homes instantly with a click of a button on your iPhone and thousands of furniture possibilities and styles to choose from. No moving or physical cost of staged furniture, and if a prospect tours virtually, signs their application, gets approved and pays online. They can move in instantly because the unit is still technically empty and clean.

In conclusion, We will only see more and more of these types of technological changes enter the professional business industry. Virtual Reality Tours and AR happened to be a great resource for real estate with the changes of lifestyle in the past year due to the pandemic. But as the pandemic starts to come an end in the United States and around the world, Be sure to keep an eye out for all the applications of VR and AR popping in many industries not only in manufactured housing.

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