Current Positions

Asset Manager

The role of our asset managers consists of determining which decisions to make, or avoid, for their assigned properties that will add value to our Fund’s portfolio for our investors. They work at the corporate level and will be required to periodically travel to do site visits. Asset managers work directly with their On Site Mangers as well as report to higher management at corporate.

On Site Manager

Onsite property managers are responsible for the day-to-day operation of a single property, or a portfolio of properties in the area. To ensure that the property is well maintained, onsite managers routinely inspect the grounds, facilities, and equipment to determine whether maintenance or repairs are needed. They meet with current tenants to handle requests for repairs or to resolve complaints. They also meet with prospective tenants to show vacant homes. In addition, onsite managers enforce the terms of rental or lease contracts along with an association’s governing rules. They make sure that tenants pay their rent on time, follow restrictions on parking or pets, and follow the correct procedures when the lease is up. Other important duties of onsite managers include keeping accurate, up-to-date records of income and expenditures from property operations and submitting regular expense reports to the corporate office.


MHC maintenance technicians perform repairs and upgrades that keep the interior and exterior of MH communities in first-rate condition. Daily responsibilities for technicians change continuously from job to job. They may perform electrical and plumbing repairs, or they may paint and do lawn maintenance work. Handy people who are self-motivated enough to get tough jobs done with no supervision will thrive in this role. Most MHC maintenance technicians work full-time during the day, evenings, and weekends. Many technicians are also required to be on call for emergency repairs and work irregular hours when needed

Storage Associate

The job of a self-storage associate involves overseeing operations in a facility that offers storage space rentals. Your responsibilities include ensuring that the storage units are clean and that security systems are functioning. As a manager, you also interact with customers and sell products such as boxes and tape. Your other duties may include handling onsite payment processing and completing administrative tasks such as filing relevant paperwork and invoices for clients.

What Our Employees Have To Say About Us

Tyler Pauli

MHC Regional Manager

My employment with Osprey Management has been a life-changer in many ways. I have been provided the opportunity to manage assets that have been in despair and/or poorly managed and bring them back to life. In doing so I can provide positive change not only within my current property asset but many lives, including my own. Collaboratively as a team member with the asset managers, Sheri, Matt, and all other team members we can execute successful property transitions and transformations, which is a great feeling at the end of the day. Recently my wife and I were promoted to a regional management position as we have been able to operate smoothly and effortlessly managing one or two assets. In our 5th year with Osprey Management, we have gained so much knowledge and the capabilities to perform that we now are efficiently managing six assets, and feel like we can take on more. This is all possible with the backing and huge support Osprey provides to us and all other managers abroad. They have given us the ability to perform at levels we, ourselves may not have known we were capable of doing by providing the opportunities and the knowledge to professionally manage and grow.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Bobbi Jo Slupe

MHC Regional Manager

Osprey Management is a great company to work for. I started with them not knowing what to expect. Coming with the park that they purchased was a blessing. The day of closing I could feel the stress I had with the other company just melt away. I have had so much fun cleaning my community up and making it a better community.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Leslee Michalek

MHC Regional Manager

I started with Osprey Management in January of 2015. From the very beginning, I felt that I was home. I knew that I could call Sheri or Matt with any questions or issues that came up while managing Wellington Estates. There was always a friendly ear and a very patient explanation for the issue I called about. Throughout the years the company has grown, the office staff, asset managers, and accounting professionals are top notch and are willing to go above and beyond to help the community managers. I have grown personally while working for Osprey Management. Sheri, Christy, and Gina have all had a hand in raising my self-esteem and teaching me how to be an effective manager, for which I will always be grateful. I look forward to continuing to work for Osprey Management in my current position or any position that they see fit for me to fill. I know that I will always be treated fairly, my opinion matters and most importantly I am apart of a family that will always have my back

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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